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This web site is dedicated to genuine marriages only. We have 16000+ verified profiles listed in our site. Every paid profile is backed by a signed application and their addresses are verified by post. If you are truly looking for a Sri Lankan marriage, don't waste your valuable time on free sites and get in to trouble. Insert your profile here and find your correct partner within a couple of days!!.

We have island wide agent network covering all the districts.
For registration please call following numbers:

076-3876804 / 076-6852941 / 077-8089113 / 077-5251586 / 071-0423711 / 071-6255337 / 071-7049539 / 072-9249700 / 078-7249796 / 011-2604184 / 011-2608170

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marriage proposals
marriage proposals
marriage proposalsmarriage proposals

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Foreign applicants can make the payment here
(25 USD)
All foreign applicants must pay 25 USD or 4000 SLR for new Registrations. Renewal could be done for 15USD or 1500 SLR. Applicants living overseas weather permanent or temporilly should pay this.
After making the payment make sure to inform us by calling
076-3876804 / 071-0423711 / 072-9249700 / 011-2604184


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Following are the Contact Numbers at our Customer care
076-3876804 / 076-6852941 / 077-5251586 / 077-8089113 / 071-0423711 / 071-6255337 / 071-7049539 / 072-9249700 / 078-7249796 / 011-2604184 / 011-2608170
Please dont call on Imo number given in the above notice.


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