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Academically / professionally qualified partner with sober habits is sought by Govi buddhist retired parents for their slim, attractive, well-mannered daughter, Accounts Graduate, 5’1” tall, born in Nov. 1977, employed in USA, owning substantial assets in Sri Lanka. Visiting Sri Lanka in May. Please reply in English or Sinhala with copy of horoscope. E-mail:
Liyathabara 7414

Above 5’3” age 36 Software Engineer, slim owns car commercial property Buddhist way of life Buddhist Govi parents seek suitable partner below 42 years Reply family details horoscope.
Liyathabara 7648

Above 5’3’’ age 36 Software Engineer, slim, owns car commercial property Buddhist way of life. Buddhist Govi parents seek suitable partner below 42 years. Reply with family details horoscope.
Liyathabara 7266

Academically and professionally qualified employed well mannered caring son is sought by G/B upper middle class retired parents from Colombo suburbs for their 26 years old 5’8” tall, pretty, well accomplished, academically and professionally qualified, employed only daughter. We welcome a son from the same caste who has a good personality, fluent in English, age 32 or below and height above 5’9”. Please reply with family particulars and copy of horoscope to
Liyathabara 7298

Academically and professionally qualified partner Doctors Engineers Lawyers is sought by G/C, B parents for their B.Sc. IT qualified 32, 5’3” pretty daughter working in a leading IT company in Colombo studied in Christian Ladies College. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Kuja 12th Mula Nekatha.
Liyathabara 7411

Academically and professionally qualified partner from respectable family below 35 years sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents father Engineer from Colombo suburbs for their pleasant looking professionally qualified daughter 30 years 5’8” tall. Inherits valuable house, land and modern car, caste immaterial. Reply with family details, horoscope and contact number Email:
Liyathabara 7269

Academically and professionally qualified well-employed partner is sought by respectable educated Sinhala Catholic parents for their well brought-up attractive daughter almost to complete the MBA (U.K.) born in 1981, 5’4” assets owned, the other two members of the family are married. The eldest son is an Engineer / Country Manager in Melbourne Australia (married to a graduate Psychiatric Teacher). The daughter is married to an Officer in Royal Air Force Sri Lanka. Please reply with family details and horoscope. E-mail:
Liyathabara 7698


Academically professionally qualified partner is sought by Govi Buddhist parents Colombo suburbs for 29yrs 5’3’’ attractive slim fare, qualified Accountant daughter working in Australia. Inherits substantial assets in Sri Lanka. Reply with horoscope, family details. Rahu 7th Ravi 7th preferred others may also reply. email:
Liyathabara 7550

Academically qualified well-mannered son from a respectable family is sought by G/B parents (father Professor) from Colombo suburbs for their BSc Special slim fair attractive daughter (University Academic Staff) 24+, 5’2” (Kuja in 1). Please reply with horoscope and family details.
Liyathabara 7643

Academically / professionally qualified employed or established Businessman son under 31 years of age is sought by Govi / Buddhist respectable business parents living in Colombo for their 25+ year old Foreign University Graduate daughter. Pleasant and well mannered. Height 5’, brought up with Sinhala Buddhist traditions, fluent in English. Reply by e-mail or letter with horoscope, complete family, educational, career details and contact telephone Nos. E-Mail:
Liyathabara 6974

Academically / professionally qualified established partner sought for attractive accomplished daughter, company Director and academic 43, 5’1” English essential differences considered write with full details. Email:
Liyathabara 7000

Academically/ Professionally qualified partner is sought by B/G parents for daughter 29yrs (Nov 1983), slim, 5’1”. Family residing in New Zealand. Dual citizens. She is qualified in B.Com. Loves SL culture and very fluent in Sinhala. Prefer overseas residents.
Liyathabara 7207

Academically, professionally qualified, well employed, below 34 years, NS / TT partner who respects Buddhist values, is sought by BG parents in Colombo suburbs for their just 28, 5’0”, pretty, slim, fair daughter with assets. She was gradauted and currently employed in Singapore as a Finance Manager. Non-malefic horoscope. Reply with horoscope and family details.
Liyathabara 7436

Affluent Sinhala Buddhist well educated parents from Colombo seek a partner who respects Sinhala Buddhist values and fluent in English for their well accomplished, smart, medium complexioned daughter. She is 30 plus, 5’3” in height, with impeccable character and varied interests. Holds internationally recognized qualifications in finance and MBA. Employed in a multinational company in a very high position drawing a six figure salary. The partner sought should be a professional or business personality with acceptable qualifications. Willing to relocate. Caste immaterial. Respond to:
Liyathabara 6971

An educated partner is sought by Sinhala GB professional parents in USA for their 34 yrs old daughter who is a Physician. Please respond with the horoscope and family details.
Liyathabara 7346

A respectable Bodu Govi family from Colombo seeks educated well employed honest partner with excellent qualities for their daughter 47 yrs. 5’4” educated and employed very simple down to earth. TP. 0113443895.
Liyathabara 7363

A respectable family seeks partner for daughter 37 pleasant BSc (Science) well employed professional PR holder Australia. 0112773672.
Liyathabara 7123

BG educated parents father professional Colombo suburbs seek for daughter 31 yrs fair and very pretty 5’1”, B.Com Australia CPA, CIMA, dual citizen Accountant, brought up with Sri Lankan cultural & Buddhist values, at present in Sri Lanka, academically & professionaly qualified partner NS, TT below 37 yrs willing to settle down in Sri Lanka or abroad. Only brother Engineer lives in Australia.
Liyathabara 7415

BG respectable parents Nugegoda seek professionally qualified employed tall partner from respectable family for pretty accomplished employed graduate daughter 5’11”, 29yrs. Reply with horoscope.
Liyathabara 7551

Bodu Govi parents from Colombo prefer a son for their daughter 25 years pretty 5’7” tall slim working for UK Company as a Chartered Accountant. Presently she is living in UK. Please contact with horoscope. Email - educated handsome son preferred with a good family background.
Liyathabara 7180

Bodu/Govi parents seek an academically and professionally qualified, well-mannered and honest partner between 24-27 years. Those living in Australia / New Zealand are preferred for their 23 year old daughter. She is 5’6”, slim, pretty, brought up with good values and currently studying for her postgraduate in Australia. Please reply with family details with horosocpe. Email:
Liyathabara 7079

Buddhist Govigama parents well established in Australia seek an academically and professionally qualified son for our pretty daughter who is an Engineer employed in Australia. She is 26 fair slim 5’4”, has a pleasant personality and brought up with Buddhist Sinhala values. Please send full details to email:
Liyathabara 7335

Buddhist Govi parents from Colombo suburbs is seeking a qualified teetotaller partner for daughter. She is educated in a leading Buddhist school and having a degree. Age 28 years 5’1” employed as an Assistant Manager in a reputed bank caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope and telephone number. Email
Liyathabara 6948


Buddhist Govi parents from Gampaha District seek academically and professionally qualified partner for their slim fair daughter aged 26, 5’2” MBBS Doctor. Inherits substantial essets. Reply with all details and horoscope.
Liyathabara 7032

Buddhist Karawe parents from respectable family seek for our daughter, Bio Medical Science graduate from Overseas, will be 26 years in April, 5’3”, fair and slim, working as an Executive in a well reputed BOI approved Educational establishment with a six figure salary and company benefits. Looking for a professionally qualified NS/TT partner who likes to reside at a newly built luxurious house with car for the daughter in Panadura. Her horoscope has Kuja in the 7th house. Reply with full family details and horoscope to or by post.
Liyathabara 7194

Buddhist respectable well established parents residing in Colombo seek an academically and professionally qualified partner for their pretty, slim well accomplished daughter 27 years, 5’1”, a Management Accountant we are looking for a decent kind hearted well mannered Doctor or an Engineer with sober habits. Kindly reply with horoscope & family details Tel. 0112795585. Email:
Liyathabara 7359

Bud/KA/Gov parents daughter 1986 5’2” BSc / MSc qualified working as Consultant Clinical Psychologist visiting lecturer looking for partner Doctor Engineer N/S/A Kanya Puwasala. Rahu 8. Reply with horoscope.
Liyathabara 7136

B/G parents seek caring son for daughter 35, 5’5” B.Sc. (IT) Teacher pleasant fair educated in leading Colombo School. Malefic horoscope. Email : T.No. 0115036180.
Liyathabara 7276

B/K parents seek a partner for daughter 27 yrs, 5’ 5 1/2” pretty fair slim employed degree MBA holder, inherits assets.
Liyathabara 7216

B/K parent seeks a kind hearted, honest son with sober habits for 31 year old fair, pretty, daughter well brought up with Sinhalese Buddhist values. She is an Australian PR holder, well qualified and working in Australia. Please reply with horoscope and family details in the first letter.
Liyathabara 7279

B/V parents seek academically professionally qualified, pleasant son with sober habits for their only daughter, age 31, height 5’3” pretty, slim, smart lecturer (B.A.M.A) inherits assets. Reply with full details and horoscope. Email:
Liyathabara 6988

Catholic parents looking for a professionally qualified partner for 26 years old Convent educated daughter Accountant by profession graduated in Australia awaiting permanent residency. Only sister married and residing in Australia. Email:
Liyathabara 7150

Christian professional partner sought for friend from a respectable family background. She is smart pretty young looking and slim with a wonderful personality and just turned 37. She has had her higher education in Australia and currently holds a responsible position at a leading IT firm in Colombo. Reply with full details. Email preferred.
Liyathabara 7451

Christian Tamil parents from Colombo seek a professionally qualified son, employed living here or overseas, Christian or RC, below 34 years for their pretty slim tall fair daughter, 27 years, who is professionally qualified and employed. Sinhalese and Burghers are considered. Please give all details in the reply by e-mail.
Liyathabara 6990

Colombo B/G parents seek suitable partner for 28 year old slim fair pretty 5’4” Bio-Medical Engineer daughter studied at Museaus and the USA, working in Sri Lanka and inheriting property and assets worth Millions.
Liyathabara 7125

Colombo suburbs B/G mother seeks a suitable partner for her pleasant 37+ yr old, 5’5” Electrical Engineer daughter holding a managerial post in a prestigious firm in Colombo with a high salary and a company car. Inherits substantial assets.Migration also considered. Please reply with details and horoscope.
Liyathabara 6995

Colombo suburbs mother seeks a smart educated professionally qualified partner for her pleasant, very friendly outgoing character 39+ yrs old, 5’4” B/G daughter, a Management Graduate, holding a very senior Managerial post in a prestigious firm in Colombo with a six figure salary and a company car. Elder brother is an Australian citizen. Inherits substantial assets. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope.
Liyathabara 6996

Durawa Buddhist parents seek academically / professionally qualified groom for their daughter academically professinally qualified 42 yrs CIMA complete fully qualified caste immaterial.
Liyathabara 7465

Expatriate parents seek a well-educated groom of impeccable character for graduate daughter brought up in Australia in a conservative SB family environment. The prospective groom should be a citizen or permanent resident of Autralia between the ages of 30 & 35 years and well established in his chosen career. Please email family details and copy of horoscope to
Liyathabara 7080

G/B parents (Australian PR holders living in Sri Lanka) seek an educated partner for their daughter 24, 5’1” University Graduate, CIMA passed finalist. Reply with family details and horoscope.
Liyathabara 7043

Kalutara District close to a town, Buddhist / Govi parents retired from Government Service and owns popular company seek a partner of same caste, respectable qualified, Engineer, Accountant or holding equal post or educated business son for their daughter 28 yrs, height 5’3” fair, good looking completed management degree and drawing higher salary as Company Director, having considerable assets. Inform all details in first letter with horoscope, or through
Liyathabara 7419

Kandyan Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek a good mannered academically & professionally qualified son for daughter pretty 30, 5’3”, working in a reputed company. Reply with details.
Liyathabara 7064

Kandyan Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek a good mannered doctor son for daughter pretty, fair, 26, 5’4” foreign graduated doctor. Reply with details.
Liyathabara 7065

Kandy suburbs Bodu Govi teacher mother seeks a educated, suitable son for her pleasant, fair English Graduate daughter. Teacher, 25 old 5’3” Kuja in 1 who attended in leading Girls School Kandy. Elder brother studding in Australia. Please send the horoscope and family details.
Liyathabara 7117

Moor mother from Mabola, Wattala seeks partner for her daughter age 22, height 5’, employed @ private company in Colombo. She has own house - contact mail:
Liyathabara 7029

Mother seeks partner 48, 5’2’’, BSc MSc teacher healthy young looking legally separated short marriage, likes to migrate too. 041 5675369.
Liyathabara 7283

Parents looking for a professional son for their daughter G/B parents now settled in the UK are looking for an educated handsome and well-disciplined boy for their pretty only daughter of 23. She is presently full time PhD postgraduate student in the medical field and attached to one of the most prestigious unversities in the UK. She was educated in a leading girl’s school in Colombo while she was in SL and heirs a lot of wealth in Sri Lanka too. Contact:
Liyathabara 7046

Professionally qualified parents holding senior positions in the State Sector living in Colombo seek for their attractive daughter 21 Sinhala Buddhist 5’6” Visakhian undergraduate at J’pura and pursuing London LLB, a professionally qualified partner. She will inherit substantial assets. Full family details and horoscope expected.
Liyathabara 7165

Respectable G/B parents from Colombo District seek a kind educated partner below 33 for daughter CIMA passed Finalist, ACCA Finalist, 27 yrs., 5’4”, slim, pretty, employed in Mercantile Sector willing to go abroad. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email :
Liyathabara 7341

Respectable G/B parents residing in UK seek a Doctor partner below 35 yrs. above 5’8” preferably born and educated in UK for their 30 yrs old fair pretty well brought up doctor daughter working for NHS UK. Caste and religion immaterial. Reply with horoscope and family details. E-mail :
Liyathabara 7337

Respectable Sinhala RC K/G parents seek academically / professionally qualified fair partner from UK for their only daughter fair slim 29+, 5’3” BSc MSc MEd from prestigious British University employed as a graduate Teacher in London. Inherits valuable assets. Reply with horoscope contact number and family details. Email:
Liyathabara 7646

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek professionally qualified (preferably in medical field) partner for their daughter 34 years, 5’2”, MBBS, MD, MRCP I and II. Please respond with horoscope and family details.
Liyathabara 5528

Sinhalese Govi/mixed Buddhist parents living in Australia seeking professional son below 30 yrs for their 26 yr, slim, attractive, 5’5’’, daughter who is a medical doctor, currently doing specialization. Caste immaterial. Reply with details to
Liyathabara 7281

Sri Lanka Moor family looking groom for our daughter pretty, slim, fair, 5’4’’, 26 years and well educated. He must be handsome well educated and willing to settle in a Western country.
Liyathabara 7285

Vishwa Buddhist parents from Colombo suburbs seek academically and professionally qualified partner with sober habits below 38 yers for their 31 years 5’4” medium complexioned montessori diploma holding daughter studied at leading girls’ school Colombo. Assets over 10 Million. Kuja Shani in her 5th House. Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope. Email
Liyathabara 7131

Well qualified and established, compatible partner with a good family background is sought by Sinhala, Buddhist professional parents in Australia, for their university educated, well employed attractive daughter born in December 1980, slim, 5’4”, with a pleasing personality and excellent character. Ideally, the prospective partner should be an Australian resident, below 37 years. Family visiting Sri Lanka in August. Reply with family details, horoscope and telephone number. Email:
Liyathabara 7197

Liyathabara Grooms

Moor educated family from Kandy District long settled in Colombo wish to contact parents of an English speaking, religious and reasonably educated bride, for their 28 year old son who is a well employed engineer with a MBA. Please contact with full details of bride and family and telephone number to
Liyathabara 7334

Able academically qualified Govi Buddhist, charming gentleman divorced from a brief marriage, no encumbrances, age 31 yrs., height 5’10” professional Hotelier, working & living in the UAE seeks an equally charming, attractive well educated conservative girl for early marriage. Please reply with full details and a recent picture and copy of horoscope is a must. Email :
Liyathabara 7604

Academically qualified partner below 34 years, willing to migrate is sought by parents for their Doctor son 34, tall and employed in Australia. Please reply with family details and contact number to
Liyathabara 7183

Academically qualified pretty daughter preferably below 39 residing in USA is sought by B/G parents for the son living in USA. He is 47 years 5’7” never married T/T non-smoker good character studied leading school in Sri Lanka. Pursued university education in USA. Please reply full details with horoscope. Email:
Liyathabara 7628

Academically qualified, very pretty, fair, slim, well mannered daughter with good qualities who respects SriLankan values sought by well established reputed and respectable Christian Sinhala parents for their only son 25 years 5’8” height, handsome non smoker / TT, holding bachelor of Accountancy degree from a prestigious University in Australia, currently reading for Masters while working in managerial position in a reputed company in Melbourne. He is also a director of a well establish reputed company in Sri Lanka and inherits valuable assets and properties. Cast, religion immaterial. Please reply with full family details and a horoscope or birthday and time.
Liyathabara 7381

Academically / professionally qualified, fair, pretty, well mannered daughter is sought by respectable Sinhala, Buddhist, Govigama, professional parents from Ratnapura, for their son, graduate, fair, handsome, brought up in true Sinhala/Buddhist values, 28 years, 5’5’’, N/S, T/T, IT professional, employed, PR holder, residing in Australia since 2011. Visiting Sri Lanka in August 2013. Please reply with family details and horoscope by post or email: 045-2222393 after 8.00 p.m.
Liyathabara 7264

Accomplished pretty educated charming daughter is sought by B/K parents for their handsome kind-hearted son 31 years, 5’8” height Australian citizen non-smoker, teetotaller studied at Ananda College Colombo. Graduated B.Com in Australia. Employed in a reputed Business Firm and having his own established business firm. Please reply with details and horoscope. Email: and Telephone: 0382244158.
Liyathabara 7056

An educated, attractive, well-mannered daughter is sought by Buddhist / Viswa respected parents from Colombo suburbs for their very good characterised, smart, 5’10”, 1984 born, academically and professionally qualified youngest son holding a senior position in a multinational organization in Colombo. Caste immaterial. Please reply with horoscope, family details and contact number.
Liyathabara 7126

Buddhist Govi respectable parents in Colombo seek well mannered qualified slim pretty daughter from a respectable family for their eldest son 35yrs, 5’8” Product Manager in a leading bank in U.K. P.R.holder. Kuja in 12th house. Please reply with horoscope.
Liyathabara 7208

Buddhist Vishwa parents living in USA seek educated & pleasant partner preferable willing to migrate, for their son who is 32 years (Sept. 1981) He is professionally qualified from a reputed University (USA) and currently works in a leadership position in a Government sector. please write with the copy of horoscope and the complete details and contact numbers.
Liyathabara 7504

B/G parents in Sri Lanka seek graduated well mannered pretty fair daughter below 29y. willing to migrate or currently living UK son working in London, as Research & Development Engineer, 29y. 5’4” fair handsome NS-TT horoscope with Kuja - 1. Reply with horoscope, family details and photograph.
Liyathabara 7505

B/G parents in UK seek educated daughter preferably from UK for son 27 yrs. 5’9” brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values, sober habits working in Finance sector UK. Please email
Liyathabara 7001

B/G respectable parents seek a pretty kind-hearted intelligent daughter for their son 5’9” 32 very handsome kind-hearted well mannered IT degree holder residing in Australia. Email:
Liyathabara 7348

B/G Sinhalese respectable parents living in UK, seek educated & pleasant partner with good character who respects S/B values for their son who is 27 years (May 1986), academically & professionally well qualified (BSc Hons in Finance and ACCA fully qualified member of Chartered Accountants), 5’6’’ +tall, truly good mannered, born & educated in London. He is in a permanent employment & financially well secure with his own house, car and other assets. His only sister (25 years) is reading for PhD in Neuroscience. Families in UK, please reply to
Liyathabara 7280

B/K affluent parents, father retired senior SLAS Officer, seek educated well-mannered, pretty, fair, partner below 25 y. from affluent family with considerable income for son (only child) 28 y. 5’9” B.Sc. (Hon.) Degree (Moratuwa). Electronic & Telecommunication Engineer. Employed in worldwide company in Sri Lanka. Inherits millions worth assets including two houses in Colombo, brand new jeep & other properties etc. Reply with full details in first letter with a copy of horoscope. Email:
Liyathabara 7141

B/K, 36 yrs. 5’6” height, handsome, holds operational level managerial position, gross salary US $ 5000/= per month, owns house & property in United States, US citizen, divorced after few years, innocent party no encumbrances. Rahu in 7th House. Prefers horoscopes with Rahu in 7th House & from finance, IT, Para-medical / nursing fields. Write with horoscope copy. Email :
Liyathabara 7422

Colombo GB Buddhist mother seeks suitable partner for her 50 years divorced son, 5’8” businessman educated in UK. Email: 0112692900 (Sundays).
Liyathabara 7086

Colombo suburbs Govi Buddhist parents seek educated pretty fair daughter below 29 yrs. 5’3” or above from same caste for handsome eldest son born in 1981, 5’11” graduated from UK and working in a managerial position in UK. UK residents or those willing to migrate preferred. Reply with family details contact numbers and copy of the horoscope.
Liyathabara 7528

Colombo suburbs Govi Durawa Buddhist father retired Principal teacher leading Colombo schools seek English educated partner for son 38 looking 30 5’4” Royalist Colombo University IT Second Class graduate. Presently employed in London drawing over pounds 3000 monthly holds UK PR. Communicate with horoscope and family details. Son due in Sri Lanka April short holiday. Son own his upstair house at entrance to Galle Highway and other property down south. Those in UK or willing to go to UK. For short stay preferred. Email: Telephone 0112893608. Liyathabara 7230

Govi Buddhist educated parents seek for their Engineer son aged 25 years, 5’10”, educated in a leading school in Colombo, an educated mannered suitably accomplished girl for marriage. He has a house in Colombo suburb, a car and other properties. His only sister is a medical student. Please write with horoscope and other details.
Liyathabara 7164

Govi Buddhist parents residing in Australia seek tall, pretty, educated, slim daughter for their tall handsome 28 years old son, academically & professionally qualified, well employed in Global financial Institution, having substantial assets and income in Australia. Prefer resident/ students in Australia. Caste immaterial. Please reply with details. Email:
Liyathabara 7186

G/B professional parents seek educated, attractive daughter willing to migrate or currently residing in UK for their younger son 28+ yrs 5’10” B.Sc. (Hons) and Postgraduate qualified Senior Software Engineer permanently working / residing in UK. Contact with family details horoscope Kuja Shani Yoga only.
Liyathabara 6959

Hotelier with assets, 5’8”, 47, extremely young looking, handsome, Athletic, with Shani / Kuja in 7th is looking for a bride over 5’5” tall, divorcees, widows considered. Send horoscope.
Liyathabara 7373

Kandyan G/B parents in Australia seek pretty educated partner for our beloved son with post Doctorate in environmental science presently he is running his own firm in Australia He is 30, 5’5” slim handsome kind hearted and academically prolific email - Phone - 61-8-94504674, 0372299964.
Liyathabara 7506

Kandy B/G retired parents seek educated and religious partner from a respectable family for their only son graduated with first class from University of London and presently employed at a leading IT firm in Colombo drawing a good salary. He is 5’6”, 27+, NS/TT and posses a car, house and other assets. Only sister is a medical student at a private medical college. Horoscope should match to Kuja8. Email-
Liyathabara 7074

Moor affluent parents require English educated qualified groom below 32 willing to relocate in western country for professional daughter having secure job. Email
Liyathabara 7659

Moor male from Colombo 40Y, 5’11”, fair attached to well reputed own business. Previously failed in marriage divorced. Looking for pretty loving and caring young divorcee, widow, without children, must associate with business, forward, modern thinking, travel and fun lover with/without assets. I’m willing to settle in overseas too. Apply full details in first letter
Liyathabara 6957

Muslim mother seeks working girl fair and slim for son 35 years 5’8” employed in USA as an IT Consultant. Contact 2915513.
Liyathabara 7114

Professionally qualified Buddhist parents from Colombo permanently residing in Australia seek a pretty professionally working or studying daughter for their smart handsome 5’11”, 25 yr. old son brought-up with good values who is currently completing his Honours as a final year Medical Student in Australia. Please reply with family details. Email:
Liyathabara 7582

Professionally qualified fair slim beautiful daughter is sought by B/K parents for smart fair handsome well mannered 32 years 5’ 5 1/2” (very young looking), B.Sc Engineer son working in Australia, also studying for MBA. He is PR holder studied in Royal College, Colombo. Preference given to those in Australia. E-mail :
Liyathabara 7497

Respectable family living in UK looking for a Catholic girl with family values, to introduce to their only son, 25 years 6’ tall, graduated & recently did the MSc. now working for reputed global investment company. We prefer our future daughter to be fair, slim, tall, educated & kind-hearted. Please reply with details to:
Liyathabara 7006

Respectable Sinhala Catholic parents seek an academically qualified daughter for their son well-mannered, 27 years, 5’8” good charactered Computer Engineer in a well-reputed company in US. He is a permanent resident in US and owns considerable assets. We are looking for a daughter beautiful and good charactered with a bachelor’s degree or a student in a bachelor’s program and prefer someone who studied in US. Please reply with full details to:
Liyathabara 7151

Sinhala Buddhist professional parents seek a well educated well-mannered fair slim pretty daughter for their 27, 5’4” handsome teetotaller IT professional son who is educated and living in Australia having PR status and permanent employment in a leading company. Reply with horoscope to Email:
Liyathabara 7537

Vishwa Buddhist parents from Colombo suburbs seek an educated fair pretty daughter under 25 for their handsome well-mannered 28 years, 5’6” educated at International school doing own jewellery business qualified son owning valuable assets including a car shop and a building. Caste immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email:
Liyathabara 7129

Western Province age 33, 5’5” tall, fair, medium built, educated guy seeks a girl for marriage. Widows and divorcees are also welcome. 0117905342.
Liyathabara 7654

26 handsome 5-7 postgraduate accountant teetotaller sober habits residing overseas. B/G (upcountry - Walaw connected) good family background. Beautiful well accomplished daughter with higher education / professional qualifications similar background living in or willing to migrate to Aus-NZ sought by parents. Detailed replies (if in Sinhalese as a scanned letter or PDF attachment) from parents / with their consent with horoscope.
Liyathabara 7078