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Franchisee / Marriage Bureau Registration

This service is available for Marriage Brokers or Marriage Bureaus only

If you don’t have a web site, make as your web site to advertise your customers.

How it works?

You insert your customers profiles in the site under your Tel. No. So the visitors will call only you. Unique feature of this site is that you can keep Tel No. open and anyone interested can call you for more details. This way you can receive plenty of calls and easily find a suitable partner for your client.
You can also hide the photo with a Photo Password, so the visitor should call you to obtain the photo password to see that.

Your clients’ name will NOT be published.
Address will NOT be published.
Working place will NOT be published.
Only a basic profile with your Tel. No. will be published.

You will pay nothing to us. This service is completely free for you. We are confident you will be able finalize a marriage within a month or even earlier.

Hope you will make use of this offer and generate good income for you. That is our motto

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