Who We Are?

Our elder care home comes under the category of assisted living homes, providing housing and care for seniors who require help with day-to-day living but not yet in need of 24x7 medical attention.

Many believe that it is a moral obligation to look after our elders, and here at Excel Eldercare, we share your views.  We believe that it is our duty to care for our elders responsibly, to treat them with dignity, and to provide them with the highest level of care possible.

When you choose Excel Eldercare, assisted Living Facilities, you are actively choosing to provide your elderly loved ones with the best possible standard of care you can afford.  We offer an exceptional level of 24 x 7 care, including dementia expertise found nowhere else in Sri Lanka.  We also help to remove the strain that is often placed on the primary caregiver in the home, thereby help improve family relationships.

Our assisted living facilities provide excellent services for seniors who wish to remain independent but still need some assistance with daily living.  Types of assistance offered include help with bathing, dressing, eating, grooming and getting around.


Retirement Living

Excel Elder Care offers retirement living for pensioners. We believe retirement should be celebrated. After all, you have reached a point in your life where you have the freedom to pursue, well, whatever it is you want to pursue. You are done with your successful career, your children are well settled, all your responsibilities have been taken care of, now you have the time to pursue your hobbies and your dreams.


Features and Amenities

The home has landscaped garden, space for family functions, water features and outdoor seating for family and friends. Our beautiful courtyards are visible from walkways and rooms above, providing a stimulating outlook. Several garden areas have raised beds for resident use through our gardening program. Residents are offered an opportunity to come together with their extended family and enjoy our landscaped gardens and spacious entertainment.

Three meals are provided with Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Also Tea will be served with some shorteat at 10 in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon. All meals are cooked at the home. Residents if they wish, could join to help make dishes of their own favourites.

Lankadeepa and Times newspapers are available daily.

An internet service is available to residents with assistance from staff to ‘Skype’ or email enabling residents to maintain relationships with family and friends; particularly with those who live overseas. Residents will not feel that they are away from their loved ones. We allways respect their right to communicate with their relatives.



Our residents live in a homely environment rather than living in a partitioned cubical and resticted of movements. They have the freedom to walk inside the home. Moving in to sitting area, TV longue, Dining and kitchen areas talking to our staff are not restricted to them. Week persons are provided with wheel chairs to move around.

Further more we offer a wide range of leisure activities to meet the individual needs and interests of our diverse resident group.
Residents gather regularly for group activities such as singing, Happy Hour, watch movies of their choice as well as shared interests such as gardening and cookery.

Family and friends are encouraged to play an active role in the social life of the facility and we promote regular communication with them via relatives meetings, Phone calls and Skype.
Once a month a van trip will take the residents to places like the nearest city, a temple, flower garden or to the beach.



Shared rooms with common toilet facilities - Rs. 30,000/= monthly. Dementia patients need special care and would be charged extra depending on the condition of the patient. Private rooms could be provided depending on the availability. Prices may be revised when necessary in order to adjust for tax and cost of living changes.

When a resident become ill suddenly, they would be taken to a nearest hospital of the guardians' choice for immediate treatement. On hospital doctor's recommendation and with the guardian's approval we would bring back the resident or if necessary admit the resident to the hospital. All costs including transport, nursing, drugs incured up to the point of admission should be bear by the guardian. These expenses should be settled within 7 days.

A refundable deposit equvalent to 3 months rent should be paid on admission. Overseas applicants could make payments up to 4 years in advance and enjoy generous discounts up to 50% on room rent. No price variartions would apply to these payment schemes. Please contact Administration for details.



Our Address: Excel Elder Care, 6, Awasa Rd, Mawittara, Piliyandala, Sri Lanka

Accessible by 255 Galkissa - Kottawa bus route.