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A great site for Sri Lankan Community in Australia looking for a marriaage partner from their home land. Over 10000 photos inside. All posted within 6 months.
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Marriage Proposals (Brides)

Above 5’1” age 35+ slim pretty academically and professionally qualified Software Engineer working in reputed foreign company in Sri Lanka. Owns valuable assets. Following Buddhist way of simple life. Buddhist - Govi parents seek suitable qualified partner below 42 years. Reply with family details and horoscope. dgdaya@gmail.com
Silumina 089

Academically and professionally qualified kind hearted - teetotaller handsome son, who lives abroad is sought by respectable professional Govi B/C parents from abroad for their one and only very pretty 5’4” tall smart daughter who’s living and working as a qualified Administrator for a British Law firm. Partner should be a professional living abroad and daughter is willing to relocate, if necessary. Self replies are appreciated. Respond with full family details please. Mail to: funworld.sara@gmail.com
Silumina 478

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought for Executive Officer G/B 44, 5’3” pleasant young looking. Reply with family details with horoscope or call after 7.00 p.m. Silumina 596

Academically and professionally qualified partner preferably from the USA is sought by respectable G/B parents for their 27 year old daughter who is professionally qualified registered nurse working for a leading healthcare organization in the East Coast of USA. She is 5’7” slim attractive and kind hearted. Reply with horoscope and family details to: ub4703@gmail.com
Silumina 861

Academically and professionally qualified, ACCA, CIMA, BSc MSc (UK) daughter living in Australia professional parents seek kind partner, 1975 born 5’4” fair pleasant personality non-malefic horoscope Muwasirasa Nekatha sister doctor, inherits properties abroad and Sri Lanka Accountant employed in Australia. Email : chuladhnk036@gmail.com 0912283284.
Silumina 237

Academically professionally qualified partner is sought by respectable Sinhalese parents from England for their daughter, highly qualified from prestigious university. She is 29, 5’3’’ pretty fair slim British citizen well employed with assets. Preferred partner, non-smoker over 5’5’’ living and working/studing in U.K. (or USA) Catholic parents will consider other religions. E-mail with phone number to ukusa29@yahoo.com
Silumina 622

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by G/B parents for daughter 27 years 5’3” professionally qualified and well employed. Please reply with family details and horoscope. msprop8@gmail.com
Silumina 040

Academically / professionally qualified partner preferably employed in Australia with cultured values from a respectable Sinhala Buddhist family sought by S/B/G parents for their pretty 30 years, 5’3” height, Australian PR holder Accountant daughter, legally separated from a 3 months marriage (No encumbrance). Please reply to ranjithw2012@gmail.com
Silumina 610

Affluent G/B parents from Colombo seek a fair pretty educated daughter for their son 34 years, 5'9" professionally and academically qualified in Finance, well employed in Australia with assets in both countries visiting Sri Lanka end May. Confidentiality assured. mpropnw@gmail.com

A caring, kind and well educated or professional partner 40 - 45 is sought for pretty and very young looking daughter, professionally qualified. Born 1971, 5’2” G/B divorce pending, after a very brief marriage (innocent party) Saturn in 7th House. Considerable assets. Please send horoscope and family details. E-mail : siyawasa@gmail.com Box No - O11835, , Col. - 10.
Silumina 838

A professionally qualified well mannered good looking gentleman under 30 and minimum 5’8” is sought by Colombo Buddhist parents for very attractive Graduate daughter living in Australia. Caste not considered. Non-malefic horoscope only. yarra87@gmail.com
Silumina 132

A professional partner for pretty daughter 36 years 5’2” Australian citizen holds an accounting degree Mithuna Lagna - Kathi Nekatha. Email: happyfuturelife@hotmail.com
Silumina 505

A suitable partner sought by G/B respectable mother for daughter 1973, 5’2”, pretty, young looking, never married, CIMA, MBA Accountant in Colombo. Possesses assets. Migration possible. Caste immaterial. proposal123@hotmail.com
Silumina 717

Buddhist father seeks a smart educated businessman / professional for his attractive 28+ 5’2” Australian graduated daughter now back in Colombo working for a private bank while studying for her Masters. Only brother is reading for a degree in Environmental Science. Inherits substantial assets. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope. proposal2012sl@yahoo.com
Silumina 275

Buddhist Govi 36 yrs 62", slim, fair foreign trained Pre-School teacher permanently resided in Piliyandala, younger daughter. Mother seeks well educated son. E-mail: kumara_ups@hotmail.com
Silumina 970

Buddhist / Sinhala parents living in the United Kingdom and employed for NHS seek a professionally qualified, well established partner mainly from UK or Australia / USA for their 27 years, 5’2” daughter holding dual citizenship UK, qualified at a leading university in the UK with BSc, MSc in Bioinformatic and currently employed as a Bio Medical Scientist. She brought up with parents having Sinhala / Buddhist values inherits assets in both Sri Lanka and UK. Please reply specially with horoscope, family / professional details to: Email : propdil85@btinternet.com.
Silumina 112

Bud/Ka/Govi parents looking for Doctor Engineer professional son for daughter 1986 5’2” B.Sc/M.Sc. qualified working Clinical Consultants Psychologist Assistant Professor, reply with horoscope. propo.ran@gmail.com
Silumina 966

B/G mother seeks a smart educated professionally qualified partner for her pleasant 35+ yr. old 5’4” Engineer daughter holding a managerial post in a prestigious firm in Colombo with a high salary and a company car. Inherits substantial assets. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope. lalitha.abeysinghe@yahoo.com
Silumina 278

B/G mother seeks a suitable partner for youngest daughter 29, 5’2”, attractive, kind and pleasant working as an Economist (MSc UK) in Colombo. Owns a car and property. Asvida Nekatha 7 - Rahu. Send details with horoscope. matri201129@gmail.com
Silumina 856

B/G tall Doctor or an Engineer age 29 - 34 is sought by sister in Australia for youngest sister a Doctor age 27 currently completing her internship in Colombo. An Australian resident is highly desirable. anangi2012@gmail.com
Silumina 584

B/G well established respectable parents near Colombo seek a smart son to their professionally and educationally qualified, studied in a foreign country university, divorced as the innocent party without any encumbrance, pretty daughter of 30 for marriage with professionally and educationally qualified, divorced, below 36, B/G willing to migrate. Owns more than 25 million of assets. Reply with horoscope and all details in the first reply. Email findbg35@gmail.com
Silumina 102

Catholic Karawe professional parents (UK citizens), seek professionally qualified partner for their UK born Convent educated pretty and well-mannered 5’2”, 35 years old daughter, presently employed in a leading UK multinational company. She owns valuable property in UK. Caste creed immaterial. Reply to i.des@hotmail.co.uk
Silumina 000

Ceylon Moor well connected Colombo based parents seek an educated partner with liberal outlook, preferably a professional, for their unmarried only daughter. She is an educated, moderate minded person who is an English qualified teacher at a prestigious International School in Colombo. She is fair, slender, 37 years and 5ft. 2 ins. Traditional endowments provided. Please E-mail to engagementproposal@ymail.com
Silumina 865

Colombo Buddhist Dewa respectable business parents seek a professionally qualified son below 28 for their daughter 23, BSc Degree holder Kuja - 7. Reply with family details with horoscope & phone number. Email : propo89@yahoo.com
Silumina 235

Colombo GB parents from a respectable family seek well educated son with sober habits below 34 yrs for their only child 28 yrs, 5’4” pleasant looking graduate daughter, presently employing in a leading institution in Colombo as an Executive and studying for her Masters and having considerable assets. Send horoscope with family details and T.Nos. (Shani in 8th house). T.No. 011-2620376 Email: mp2012sam@yahoo.com
Silumina 126

Colombo Moor parents seek an educated well established partner below 32 yrs for their daughter (Doctor) 25 yrs old 5’4’’ tall, slim, fair. Contact: hash0013@yahoo.com
Silumina 676

Colombo suburbs Buddhist Vishwa parents seek a decent educated partner for 26+, 5’3” fair pretty daughter final year B.Sc. Physiotherapy in Colombo Medical Faculty. Reply with horoscope and details. dildel2012@gmail.com
Silumina 104

Educated handsome son with Buddhist values (NS / TT) is sought by G/B parents from Malabe for their 28 yrs. 5’4”, very pretty, fair Lawyer daughter. Pls. reply with horoscope and family details. phwatu@gmail.com
Silumina 217

Galle B/G parents seek academically / professionally qualified partner for daughter 32 - 5’3” pleasant looking BSc Engineer PhD in Australia University Senior Lecturer in Colombo. Contact with details. mkproposal2011@gmail.com
Silumina 135

Gampaha district government retired parents seek A/P qualified partner for their daughter 35+, 5’2’’, MSc brothers Doctor & Engineer. Horoscope essential. ruwanmp2010@gmail.com
Silumina 054

Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek a handsome fair partner preferably a Doctor Engineer or professionally qualified person for their MBBS qualified pretty fair slim 29 plus years 5 feet tall Doctor daughter working for government overseas contact with full details and horoscope. Email: rkcds54@gmail.com
Silumina 679

Govi, Buddhist Sinhalese affluent and well connected parents living in New Zealand seek a well educated professional of the same background and less than 27 years old, from Australia or New Zealand to introduce to their beautiful, slim, fair, 160cm tall, 23 year old graduate daughter currently employed with a large financial institution with a bright career prospects. Please send family details and horoscope sithumina2000@gmail.com
Silumina 469

Govi, Buddhist very respectable parents seek professionally qualified partner for their well mannered very fair, slim, pretty daughter 30 years, studied at private school Colombo IT graduate, completed M.B.A. employed at a leading private company as a QA lead horoscope Kuja, Shani 1, 2, 4, 7, 12 preferred. 011-4945848. Email: lucky198277@yahoo.com
Silumina 792

G/B Colombo parents seek suitable partner for pretty fair slim 5’4” educated professionally qualified 28 yrs. daughter having upstair house and property close to supermarket Nugegoda. Email: ethilani@yahoo.com
Silumina 653

G/B father seeks a suitable partner for daughter studying working in UK 31, 5’7” fair in complexion Rahu 7. Reply with horoscope hdilruksha@yahoo.com 033-2264006.
Silumina 133

G/B parents seek academically / professionally qualified partner for their daughter, 34 yrs. 5ft slim smart, CIMA / ACMA qualified accountant employed in a Colombo foreign bank as Assistant Manager Has dual UK citizenship will inherit substantial assets about 70 million request family details / horoscope. Email: mproposal4@yahoo.com
Silumina 707

G.B. professional parents in U.K. seek a partner (preferably a doctor) below 32 yrs, above 5’8” for their 27 year old, 5’5” tall fair pretty doctor daughter brought up according to Sri Lankan values. Will inherit considerable assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: pms1810@gmail.com  Silumina 113

Kandyan G/B parents seek qualified son with sober habits for their eldest daughter 22+, 5’ final year Engineering student in Australia. Write with full details. propkan2012@yahoo.com
Silumina 621

Melbourne Australia Sinhala Buddhist brother seeking a suitable parnter for sister 31 yrs. 5’2” brought up with good Sri Lankan values educated in Colombo (Vishaka Vidyalaya Colombo University) working as a Management Accountant in a reputed firm in Melbourne willing to move back to Sri Lanka a suitable partner from a respectable, family is found caste immaterial Kuja at 7th House Please reply to janaka2000@gmail.com
Silumina 507

Moratuwa mother seeks kind-hearted educated partner for Buddhist daughter 34 yrs. 5’9” studied at Colombo leading Girls’ School (divorced no encumbrances) Chartered Accountant holds high rank position in Colombo reputed mercantile orgnaization. Reply with horoscope or Email : perera439@gmail.com Contact: 4886780 after 7.30 p.m.
Silumina 360

Mother seeks a smart educated professionally qualified partner for 36 yrs. old 5’5” B/G daughter Management Graduate holding managerial post in a prestigious firm in Colombo with a six figure salary company car. Elder brother is an Australian citizen. Inherits assets. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope. felicia.weera@yahoo.com
Silumina 271

Our daughter B/G 29 5’5” USA qualified BA/M.Sc is fair very pretty slim well accomplished Manager SL Government sector inherits property. Parents seek suitable son academically / professionally qualified caring smart well mannered. Request full details including horoscope. 2012.112w@gmail.com
Silumina 634

Parents from well connected respectable Sin./B family residing in Colombo seeks well educated caring partner below 38 height above 5’9” from similar family background for daughter 31 years fair slim 5’6” educated at leading Colombo School and holding Bachelors and Masters Degrees from two premier U.S. Universities. Currently working for reputed organization in Colombo. Caste of no concern. Please reply with family details and horoscope c/o paper or email proposals8122@gmail.com
Silumina 122

Parents respectable family seeks suitable partner for only daughter 33 years, 5’3”, pretty, fair, good charactered, attorney-at-law expat grooms wish to live in Sri Lanka also considered, caste religion immaterial. Email: samanala45@yahoo.com
Silumina 452

Professional in Microbiology NHS living working in UK BG parents seek partner from UK for daughter 30, 5ft. Reply with horoscope (lelan2012@hotmail.co.uk)
Silumina 431

Professional Salagama Buddhist parents established in Australia seek academically professionally qualified suitable partner with sober habits aged betwen 25 and 31 for their pretty slim well mannered well employed Engineer daughter who was brought up with Sinhala values. Reply with horoscope and family details send responses by email only. Email: good-prop@hotmail.com
Silumina 453

Respectable G/B Kandy parents seek partner for daughter 30+, 5’2” slim fair pretty BSc (SL) PhD (USA) postdoctoral fellow USA horoscopes with Kuja 1 4 7 8 12 suitable. Caste immaterial. govinsuda@yahoo.com
Silumina 628

Sinhala Buddhist parents from Kandy seek suitable educated partner for their daughter 41, 5’1” fair very attractive PhD Scientist USA willing to return to Sri Lanka. buddhistkandyan@yahoo.com
Silumina 407

Sinhala Catholic parents living in the USA seek a suitable academically and professionally qualified partner in mid-thirties who is willing to reside in the USA (California) for their academically qualified, professional, 5’2”, 34 year old pretty well settled daughter with Sri Lankan values. Please respond with complete details. Email foothills.ca@charter.net
Silumina 302

Sinhala Govi Buddhist parents residing in UK seek professionally qualified caring partner for their daughter in marriage. She is 26 years old 5’1” slim fair pretty UK citizen bilingual (primary education at a leading Buddhist Girls’ School in Colombo) working as Dentist (UK qualified) for the NHS. The young man should ideally be a UK resident or should possess the necessary requirements to reside and be employed in the UK. Caste immaterial. Please send horoscope with family details to: Email : jproposals1@gmail.com

Sinhala Govi Buddhist respectable parents living in New Zealand seek a partner preferably living in New Zealand or Australia, for their 25 years old daughter employed in Australia. She holds two degrees in Science and a Clinical Health field. She also inherits substantial assets. Please reply with details. E-mail - dcjp95@hotmail.com
Silumina 343

Sinhalese Christian parents from Colombo suburbs, seeks educated, well mannered, suitable partner for their daughter, 25 yrs, 5’3”, Science Graduate, continuing further studies, employed in a multinational company.
Silumina 204

Suitable partner is sought by respectable Buddhist Govigama parents in Western Province for their daughter educated abroad and continuing postgraduate studies in USA. She is 29 years, 5’0”, fair and slim and bears an excellent character. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email: sere2421@gmail.com
Silumina 967

S/B/G doctor parents in USA seek suitable partner for US born daughter 31, 5’5” slim fair and beautiful, with cheerful personality, Senior Financial Consultant in major US corp. Those interested should be academically and professionally qualified, good looking kind caring with good character, educated in US / Western country, willing to settle in USA. Reply with personal and family details. Email : kr201200@yahoo.com
Silumina 798

Western Province Moor parents seek professionally qualified an educated partner (preferably 25-30 years) for their youngest daughter 23 years educated at an international school upto A/L. Please send the full details to our e-mail: juma22@gmail.com or Silumina 252


Marriage Proposals (Grooms)

Academically B/G pretty fair daughter below 28 sought by B/G respectable family for their handsome 5’7” Australian graduated son working Australia. Reply family details and horocope. monelra1@hotmail.com
Silumina 832

Academically professionally qualified fair pretty daughter sought by Buddhist Karawa Govi retired senior executive banker parents from Colombo suburbs for handsome son 28 BSc (Hons.) Engineer 5’8” TT, NS attached to Global ICT Company in Colombo. Drawing six figure salary whilst reading Masters. He inherits modern two storeyed house Nugegoda and motor car. Only sister MBBS Doctor. Reply with family details horoscope. Email: jayanthileel@gmail.com
Silumina 657

Affluent Sinhala Buddhist Vishwa / Karawa professional parents (Australian citizens) seek a professionally qualified pretty daughter below 28 years from a respectable family for our handsome son 29 years (born 83 Jan) 5’10” IT graduate working as a Business Manager in Australian Government employment. Caste immaterial. Please reply with horoscope and family details to: indralali@hotmail.com
Silumina 687

An educated, pretty tall slim partner with good English under 30 sought by well settled B/G family in Australia for handsome, son N/S sober graduate, Senior professional well employed in computing. Please reply with non malefic horoscope. Email:- ausmangala@hotmail.com
Silumina 445

An intelligent fair slim daughter from a respectable family is sought by mother (father deceased) for only son a professional born 1980 G/B old Royalist. Currently employed in a leading company in a South East Asian Country, as Director Trade & Commerce. Owns assets in SL. Only sister married resides overseas. Religion, caste immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email: mnsd1980@yahoo.com
Silumina 101

Australian PR holder 29, 5’8” handsome Engineer son with sober habits studied and settled in Melbourne coming Sri Lanka soon for holiday, Colombo suburb B/G respectable wealthy retired parents from Government sector seek educated pretty partner with Sri Lankan Buddhist values willing to migrate Australia. Email: proposenow@yahoo.com
Silumina 961

A pretty fair educated S/B bride from Australia is sought by S/B professional parents from Colombo for their 37y. 5’8” handsome son, NS/TT double degree in IT, well employed in Melbourne, Australian PR, divorced from brief marriage no encumbrances. Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: jayatilake.s@gmail.com
Silumina 427

Buddhist Govi mother Colombo district seeks educated pretty bride for her son 33 years 5’6” currently live in UK comming to Sri Lanka for a holiday mid June, only sister married owns a leading establishment. Reply with horoscope contact number Kethu in 7th House. 0114577264 nelum5@hotmail.com
Silumina 425

Buddhist Govi parent seeks a charming well-mannered partner aged 26 - 30 for their son who was working in the UK for the past two years. Proprietor of a Graphic Design workshop in Colombo. Aged 32, height 5’5”. Owns a house in Colombo 06. Reply with horoscope. chamal_jay@hotmail.com
Silumina 306

Buddhist Govi professional parents from Galle with a respectable family background seek an academically qualified daughter for their son 31 old, 5’4”. He’s B.Sc & M.Sc in IT qualified lives in Melbourne Australian citizen. He owns a property in Melbourne and currently work as an IT Business Analyst in a leading organization in Australia. Please respond with family details and horoscope. E-mail: kabeyratna@gmail.com
Silumina 677

Buddhist Salagama from Colombo age 59 posh well healthy businessman with monthly income of more than 04 lakhs divorced. Invites a beautiful girl below the age 23 unmarried all caste, ethnicity and religions accepted and willing to support the family recommended. Mail: obinamunia@gmail.com
Silumina 964

B/G parents in Australia seek pretty educated daughter for professional son working in Oil and Gas field in UK. Assets in Australia and UK. He is fair, handsome 5’5”, 32 years, Musician. Reply with horoscope. E-mails only. hdahrth@yahoo.com.au
Silumina 331

B/G parents seek an academically qualified well mannered partner for their 29 years son. He is an Australian citizen, works as an Electrical Engineer. 5’4’’ in height, has a pleasent appearance and well mannered. Reply with full family details and horoscope. E-mail: muditha882@gmail.com
Silumina 624

B/Vish Colombo parents seek partner below 40 y for their son 47 y, 5’6” shipping industry professional (UK) qualified own house & car. Caste immaterial. ajsamudra@gmail.com
Silumina 381

Catholic Govi parents seek an educated pretty fair slim daughter for their handsome 34, 5’9” professionally / academically qualified son well employed in Australia at present in Sri Lanka on a holiday. Email: nic_indu@yahoo.com
Silumina 506

Dewa Buddhist business parents seek a fair slim educated daughter from a respectable family for their handsome son age 27 5’10’’ MSc qualified son in Business Management, Executive in well established business. He inherits valuable assets plus house in Colombo. Reply with horoscope, caste immaterial. Kuja Shani in fifth house.
Silumina 922

GB parents seek professionally qualified daughter for US qualified Engineer son 29 yrs slim 5’10” height with sober habits working in California USA Kuja / Shani 7th house. email: jeevani25@yahoo.com Silumina 120

Govi Buddhist parents living in Australia seek fair, pretty professional partners for their sons 24 & 25 years and 5’7” & 5’8” tall. They are professional Electronic / Electrical / Software Engineers (dual degrees) with excellent academic qualifications, working in Brisbane. They are handsome, non-smoking, enthusiastic, responsible persons. Australian / NZ professionals or students living in Australia are preferred. Email with horoscope, family details and contact numbers. Email : eumarage@gmail.com
Silumina 021

G/B Colombo suburbs respectable parents seek academically / professionally qualified daughter for their son born 1984 Jan 5’5” TT-NS. Graduated in IT currently reading for his MBA, working in a reputed company in Colombo. Kataka Lagna, Kuja / Shani in 4th. Please reply with horoscope with complete family details. chana864@gmail.com
Silumina 088

G/B professional parents seek educated, attractive daughter willing to migrate or generally residing in UK (preferred) for their son 28 yrs., 5’10” B.Sc. (Hons) and Postgraduate qualified Senior Software Engineer permanently in UK contact with family details horoscope Kuja Shani Yoga only. lon.uk2011@gmail.com
Silumina 160

G/B professional parents UK residents seeking a pretty educated partner for their 6’ fair slim 25 yrs. old son Economics graduate furthering his studies in medicine in the UK. Prefer a daughter living or studying in the UK with a similar family background. Please reply to anjana275@hotmail.co.uk
Silumina 795

Kandyan Buddhist Radala father seeks well educated pretty daughter for youngest son 29, 5’ 8 1/2” Maths Hons graduate currently employed as Manager of a state bank. sarathwb@hotmail.com
Silumina 863

Kandyan Roman Catholic father, a Chartered Accountant and mother a Buddhist and a medical Specialist are looking for a pretty and fair bride for our youngest son 29 years of age. He has done a Finance and Management Degree in the UK and now setting for CIMA Finals Examination. He is 5’8” tall, fair and handsome, and works as an Executive in a private company at present. Govigama, Karawa both castes considered and religion is not an issue. A professional student or a well educated non-working girl is considered. Please reply with horoscope.
Silumina 848

Moor mother from a well connected family residing in Colombo looking for a good bride age between 25 and 30 for son a managing director of a well established organization. Please send details to muslimproposal12@gmail.com
Silumina 0208

Moor respectable parents seek well-mannered fair beautiful bride with moderate religious background for their only son 29, 5’-10” very fair very handsome family oriented with exemplary character working for multi-national company in UK AS qualified Accountant. Visiting Sri Lanka shortly. flowers3377@gmail.com
Silumina 212

Muslim Engineer 29 slim fair 5’7” ht., British citizen working for a reputed company in a very good position. Email 1234jese@gmail.com
Silumina 655

Professional GB parents in Australia (Brisbane) seek a partner for their son who is a IT professional. He is 5’10” aged 34, medium complexion and non-smoker. He is kind and responsible. Please reply with family background and horsocope to: sun258456@gmail.com
Silumina 791

Sinhala Buddhist / Christian respectable parents from the UK seek a pretty, slim, well-mannered, academically and professionally qualified daughter for their well-established British citizen son, 33 yrs. 6’2” IT Manager (B.Sc M.Sc) working for a reputed company in England. Responses only from the UK are appreciated. Email - ukadvert@yahoo.co.uk
Silumina 926

Sinhala Govi R.C. family seeks a partner for their son holding P.R. status in Australia. He is professionally qualified Engineer and well employed in the Finance Sector in Melbourne. He is 44, 5’6”, smart, handsome, seeking a suitable kind-hearted pretty and educated daughter. Please reply with family and relevant details. Now he is residing in Sri Lanka until end of May. 349rana@gmail.com
Silumina 428

Well connected Karawa Roman Catholic parents from Colombo seek professional qualified good-looking bride for tall (5’10”) handsome Doctor son 26 years old who is completing Internship shortly. Please write with full details to: Email: papersads@gmail.com
Silumina 314